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The Interns – 2015

This year, for the first time, students on the MA course in the History of the Book at London University were offered a voluntary additional module – a 200-hour work-placement with a London bookseller. Official sanction from the university authorities … Continue reading

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Music To Buy Books By

Hello.  It’s me, Pauline Schol, again.  The Guv’nor won’t admit it, but he’s a little bit miffed that the blog got about ten times more visitors than usual after my post last week – “Well, if that’s what they want, … Continue reading

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Designer Bookbinders 2014

Always a jolly evening at the annual prize-giving for the Designer Bookbinders Competition, held again this year at the ever engaging St. Bride Foundation – a feast for the eyes, old friends and new abounding, happy winners of prizes.  I … Continue reading

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Bip Pares (1904-1977)

Bip Pares – it’s a name that comes up every year at the London Rare Books School as we trace the evolution and bibliographical importance of the dust-jacket – a name seen so often on some of the most eye-catching … Continue reading

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